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Strathmoor Village

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Strathmoor Village was originally part of historic Farmington, and incorporated as a 6th class city in 1928. Located in the Highlands area of Metro Louisville, Kentucky, it is reported to be the oldest 6th class city in Jefferson County 

While the Strathmoor Police Department dates back to 1928, the citizens Ethics Review Board (see below) was just established in 2007. 

Website: (432-8900 cell phone to officer on duty)

When Strathmoor Village was young, the roads were oiled (not paved), there were ordinances to keep the garbage wagon and horses from causing damage. Governed by a Board of Trustees, enforcement was left to the Town Marshall and Police Judge. As the years went on, Strathmoor Village began to require cars to stop at Taylorsville Rd. and Bardstown Rd. intersections. 

In the 1930's a bond issue was passed to finance sewers and build a sewer treatment plant. In 1991 Strathmoor Village and Strathmoor Gardens merged into one city. Today, Strathmoor Village is governed by a Board of Commissioners composed of four residents elected every two years and a Mayor elected every four years.  

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Board members:  

Patty Lynn, Willa Barger, James Smith, Marilyn Mitchell, Terry Anderson (alternate), Chairperson Bonnie Brown

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